CFO Round-Up: The Changing Role of CFOs

July 22, 2016

cfo changing roles

Five post Chief Financial Officer round-up. This week we’re featuring five articles from around the web on one topic. Our topic this week is the Changing Role of the CFO in school districts.

  1. Are three school chiefs better than one?
    Playing on the expertise of each leader, this district shows the importance of collaboration and teamwork.
    Read the full article on District Administration.
  2. Want to run a failing Michigan school district? There’s a class for that.
    While this article focuses on the approach one district is taking to CEOs, the cross-over to CFOs is definitely there and worth a read on this unique intervention.
    Read the full article on M Live.
  3. The New Education CFO.
    This article focuses on the changing role of CFOs from scorekeeper to strategic leader. The strategic CFO now plays an even more important role in decision-making and partnering with other district leaders.
    Read the full article on Center for American Progress.
  4. Lifelong Learning and Leadership: A CFO Perspective
    The CFO from Portland Public Schools discusses the changing role of the CFO, the key to success and advice for up and coming CPAs.
    Read the full article on AICPA.
  5. How a Texas School District Finds Innovation in Teaching with Peer Assistance and Review
    Learn about how San Antonio ISD partnered with the NEA Foundation to create a labor-management team and see how the CFO was a part of this team.
    Read the full article on NEA Foundation.

CFOs obviously have played a large role in the success of school districts over the years. Now more than ever, though, CFOs have a crucial place on the district leadership team and their strategic guidance will continue to influence student achievement.

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