Beyond the Registrar: How Parents and Back-Office Staff Also Win with Online Registration

Dennis Pierce April 23, 2018

Moving registration online doesn’t just help enrollment administrators. It also makes the process more efficient and convenient for back-office staff and families by capturing important student data information easily and securely.

Here’s a look at how that can have big benefits for parents and administrators alike.

Parents Save Time and Get Peace of Mind

With a high-quality, robust online registration solution, you can customize the enrollment process by adding all of your required annual forms — such as health and emergency contact information — and getting parents to fill them out in one simple step. This results in a higher completion rate, which has a range of benefits:

  • Districts can quickly and easily access current emergency contact information
  • School medical providers get up-to-date information on health conditions
  • Parents can rest easy knowing that there’s less risk of personal information being exposed from misplaced documents

Unfortunately, many districts have traditionally struggled to get accurate information from parents. “They don’t have the time or the resources to chase down this information each year,” says Maddie Bala, Solution Strategy Director for PowerSchool Registration.

For instance, when forms are sent home in students’ backpacks, they often get crushed at the bottom, and some parents never even see them. In those cases, schools may not get updated emergency contact or health information, which “is mission critical to student safety,” Bala notes.

But collecting this information online as part of annual student registration relieves administrators of the time-consuming responsibility of tracking down missing data. Building them into the online registration process ensures that parents fill out these forms before they can click “submit.”

Using the online registration process “is a great way to collect this information, because it’s a point that every family has to go through,” Bala says. “Parents can easily ignore an extra form sent home asking if they would like to volunteer. But every family would have to see that request if it’s part of the online registration process.”

Back-Office Staff Can Plan More Efficiently and Effectively

Back-office administrators save time with registration software because capturing information online removes the need for data entry. This has the added benefit of improving data accuracy, because staff doesn’t have to struggle to read parents’ handwriting.

Online registration can also help with budgeting and personnel projections. Savvy K-12 leaders can customize the online enrollment process by asking survey questions that help them plan even more effectively to meet students’ needs.

“If you have correct data about students’ educational needs and you get the data in a timely manner, you can have the right staffing and accommodations in place on the first day of school,” Bala explains.

The questions you ask don’t have to be tied to a specific field in your student information system or be registration-related. For instance, you might ask if students are interested in playing a sport. You can turn this information over to coaches, who could then send notifications to students who may want to join their teams. You can also ask parents if they would like to volunteer, join the PTA, or even make a donation to your school or district.

The Broad Benefits of Online Registration

From saving time to improving budgeting projections to enhancing security, registration software can help staff and parents in many ways. Get a firsthand look by registering for a product demo to see PowerSchool Registration in action.

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