Apps to use inside our LMS: Coggle

January 17, 2015

This week, we’re taking a look at one of the web apps that educators can use inside of PowerSchool Learning, our PowerSchool LMS, formerly Haiku Learning.

What is Coggle?

From their site: “Coggle is about redefining the way documents work: the way we share and store knowledge. It’s a space for thoughts that works the way that people do — not in the rigid ways of computers.” It’s a web-based freeware program for mind-mapping, time-lining, and structuring documents organically, like a beautiful tree.

In PowerSchool Learning: Coggle embeds into PowerSchool Learning like a pro, defaulting to SSL embeds. Yay! You can right-click and zoom in and out, or just click and drag to move your way across the Coggle easily. They look beautiful, and simple, and fit into the PowerSchool Learning design aesthetic, too. And hey, you can even store your Coggles in Google Drive!

  • Website:
  • Price: Free
  • HTTPS Option? Yes, by default
  • Account Required? Yes



Here’s one example of mapping relationships using Coggle.

How do I get the embed code?

Coggle has created a great how-to article on embedding your rad Coggles, but finding the code is intuitive and simple. Click on the “Share this Coggle Publicly” icon, then copy the iframe provided. Their links allow your co-conspirators to see an embedded Coggle without needing an account, but you can also create organizations, share with individuals, and other great options.

Why should I try it?

Coggle doesn’t just represent your flow of information. It gives you a way to manipulate it, build it, create and move things around. It fosters new ideas, not just displays them. I used Coggle to build a rough organizational chart for Client Services here at PowerSchool Learning, and the drag-and-drop beauty of it helped break down hierarchical barriers and open things up to the what-if.

Plus, Coggle is organic, simple, and beautiful. Adding branches is as easy as clicking anywhere on your Coggle and choosing your color. Then just hold Alt and click to delete a branch. Love those hot keys!

Overall, Coggle is a mind-mapper’s dream: pleasing colors, the satisfying ability to drag branches to move or reshape them into any curve or sway you need, and more advanced options like robust version history, markdown text support, and image uploads.

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