Save time and money with online registration and enrollment

Paper-based registration and enrollment processes can be significant impediments to district goals of saving money and becoming more efficient. Discover how an online registration and enrollment solution can streamline and simplify administrative tasks and create significant money and time savings.

In the white paper, 5 Ways Districts See Cost Savings And Increased Efficiency Through Online Enrollment & Registration, learn how to:

Manage staffing needs through accurate and timely delivery of student information 

Improve compliance with mandatory reporting 

Better protect sensitive student data by securely uploading documents 

Plus, get key takeaways from six school districts that made the leap to a modern registration and enrollment solution with great results.

Mooresville Graded School District in North Carolina quickly realized the cost savings in manpower alone, noting a savings of $30,000 a year since launching their online student registration solution.

—from the whitepaper 5 Ways Districts See Cost Savings And Increased Efficiency Through Online Enrollment & Registration

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