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Welcome to PowerSchool’s Classroom of the Future,
powered by the award-winning Unified Classroom.

Complete the form below to access a virtual tour of a third-grade science classroom centered around PowerSchool’s award-winning Unified Classroom. Watch how this industry-first solution works with other cutting-edge technology partners and modern pedagogy to change the way teachers teach, students learn and parents become more engaged. You will be taken through an exciting series of interactive teacher, student and parent experiences designed to demonstrate how the Unified Classroom leverages technology to super-charge teaching, learning, and engagement.


The Unified Classroom has won 2017 CODiE Awards for “Best Classroom Management Solution”
and “Best Learning Relationship Management Solution.”

Take the full tour to learn how Unified Classroom powers:

Self Guided Learning

Hands-On Learning

Assessment & Differentiated Instruction

Interventions & Distance Learning

Analytics & Behavior

Connecting School & Home

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