A comprehensive platform designed to support a range of assessment needs to drive student growth.

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Backed by our proprietary Content Bank

Choose from thousands of pre-written items available for creating, sharing, and administering rigorous, standards-based assessments. Backed by our Content team, our 55,000+ item bank grows continuously.

Easily digest data immediately

With assessments graded immediately, see in real-time the progress of a school or district, then drill down through visual graphs to the class level, student level, assessment level, or item level.

Adjust instruction in real-time

Assessment results provide insight as to what instruction tweaks need to be made in order to close learning gaps or misunderstandings before they become firmly established.

Foster collaboration among teachers and administrators

Empower multiple assessment creators to build an assessment simultaneously from two different devices. Share assessments among teachers, across schools, or set district-wide formative assessments.

Tie assessment to instruction, curriculum, and growth

Use PowerSchool Assessment to collect real-time data to drive instruction adjustments, curriculum changes, and quantifiable growth in actual areas of weakness.

PowerSchool Assessment gives teachers the tools to increase student growth and prepare students for end-of-year summative assessments. Use formative assessments to track real-time student learning, pinpoint areas of weakness or misunderstanding, and adjust instruction accordingly. Empower teachers and administrators to implement best practice instructional strategies for targeted, standards-based remediation to drive student growth.

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"PowerSchool will continue to be our ‘go-to’ product for helping inform instruction. The alignment to the Virginia Standards of Learning is outstanding. PowerSchool’s questions are challenging and rigorous. We especially like the intuitiveness of the website."

Joanie Hovatter
Principal, Garland Quarles Elementary School, VA