Warrior Run School District Selects PowerSchool’s Special Education Case Management Solution to Efficiently Manage IEPs in Compliance with State Regulations

September 07, 2016

New solution empowers educators to proactively identify at-risk students, monitor their progress, and build personalized instructional paths

September 7, 2016 — Folsom, CA — PowerSchool is extending its partnership with Pennsylvania’s Warrior Run School District to provide families and staff with a comprehensive solution to manage Individualized Education Programs (IEP) for students requiring this service. PowerSchool Special Education will eliminate an inefficient paper trail process, allowing parents to electronically access documents to monitor student progress. The solution alerts teachers when a new IEP is created and offers educators an effective tool to proactively improve the academic achievement of students.

“We had an online solution in place for managing student IEPs; however, using the system required an extensive amount of manual effort,” said Julie Petrin, Special Education Supervisor at Warrior Run School District. “With PowerSchool Special Education, we no longer have to duplicate work which allows us to increase instructional time with our students.”

Nearly 13% of the student population at Warrior Run School District require special education services. PowerSchool Special Education is providing the district with effective case management tools to deliver individualized instruction to these students.

State and federal reporting requirements are strictly regulated for special education programs. “Everything is monitored and sent to the state—every field and every document,” notes Petrin. “There are thousands of fields that have to be correct for compliance purposes and launching PowerSchool Special Education gives us a system that self-monitors this process, ensuring required fields are correctly filled in.”

PowerSchool Special Education augments the PowerSchool Student Information System, providing educators with access to grades, attendance, and now special education and behavior. “If we are writing an IEP, everything is right there and all we have to do is pull it over, whereas before, we were going to different databases to cut and paste data into an IEP,” said Petrin. “PowerSchool is helping us tie all of our applications together so that we can efficiently serve our school community.”

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