Value Schools Launches PowerSchool’s Unified Classroom to Benefit from Data-Driven Instruction

August 22, 2017

Unified Classroom selected by Value Schools to better obtain data that informs instruction, increases collaboration, and drives student success

August 22, 2017 – Folsom, CA – California’s Value Schools recently expanded its partnership with PowerSchool, implementing the Unified Classroom solution to improve transparency, communication, and collaboration within the school community. The Unified Classroom is PowerSchool’s single solution that brings together learning management, formative assessment, standards progress, grading, early warnings, analytics, and collaboration. Value Schools adopted this platform to better support the academic achievement of the students it serves.

Prior to adopting the Unified Classroom, up to 10 different systems were being utilized at Value Schools. “When running several different systems that aren’t integrated with each other, it makes it difficult for teachers and administrators to efficiently do their jobs,” said Joshua Julian, Communications Director at Value Schools. “When systems are separated, data sets can’t be compared or shared with other stakeholders. Integrating our systems, especially like that of PowerSchool’s Unified Classroom, will allow us to better understand the needs of our students, and allow us to provide support to our community more quickly and efficiently.”

School staff and educators at Value Schools want to be able to track interventions and provide services to students as efficiently and quickly as possible. “Having one system that allows teachers to focus on the needs of each individual student is a great way for teachers to communicate with each other as students go from one classroom to another,” said Julian. “We are also excited to provide our parents with more visibility into their child’s experience in the classroom. Everyone invested in a student’s academic growth and success will have a transparent view of their performance.”

Recognizing that every student learns differently, the leadership model at Value Schools is built to ensure everyone is served the way they need to be. “The Unified Classroom will allow us to focus on developing a clearer framework for the educational outcomes we want to see from all our students,” said Julian. “We will be able to better understand student learning patterns and implement educational structures to support students at all of our campuses.”

Julian added, “Being able to track and maintain data in a singular system is always less expensive in the long run than running multiple systems. We want to allocate more of our money and resources to directly serve the kids and less on maintaining systems.”

About Value Schools

The Value Schools’ mission is to establish and support high-quality, values-based elementary and secondary charter schools for populations of students who have been historically underserved. Value Schools serves youth from urban areas from Kindergarten to 12th Grade, currently at three school sites: Downtown Value School, Everest Value School, Central City Value High School, and University Prep.

About PowerSchool Group LLC 

PowerSchool is the leading K-12 education technology provider of solutions that improve the education experience for 100 million students, teachers, and parents in over 70 countries around the world. We provide the industry’s first Unified Classroom experience, empowering teachers with best-in-class, secure, and compliant online solutions, including student information systems, learning management and classroom collaboration, assessment, analytics, behavior, and special education case management. We streamline school office and administration operations with online solutions for student registration, school choice, and finance/HR/ERP. We drive student growth through digital classroom capabilities and engage families through real-time communications across any device. Visit to learn more.

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