Regional School Unit 10 Selects PowerSchool’s Unified Classroom to Better Assess and Analyze Student Data

April 25, 2017

Regional School Unit 10 Selects PowerSchool’s Unified Classroom to Better Assess and Analyze Student Data

Unified Classroom to improve instruction and learning outcomes with deeper analysis of student performance

April 25, 2017 – Folsom, CA – Regional School Unit 10 (ME) expanded its partnership with PowerSchool to centralize instruction, learning, assessment, and analytics. The Unified Classroom simplifies classroom management by eliminating the need for teachers and school administrators to manage student data in several different software solutions. This streamlined efficiency is expected to increase instructional and learning time, and provide district educators with an intuitive platform to monitor student growth.

“We wanted to have one program in place that met all of our needs,” stated Reinette Chenard, Data Manager at Regional School Unit 10. “Our district has been using the PowerSchool Student Information System for more than 14 years. Having one platform that seamlessly integrates the SIS, LMS, assessment and analytics solutions, will give us greater insight into student data to better drive curriculum decisions.”

The school district is excited to offer its school community a web presence for monitoring student progress. In addition to the access families currently have through the parent portal to attendance, schedules, and grades, the Unified Classroom will provide parents and students with accessibility to class content, assignments, and assessments, as well as blended and digital learning.

“When teachers have to search for information in multiple platforms, it creates a barrier to successfully assessing, evaluating, analyzing, and providing recommendations on student performance,” noted Chenard. “It is going to be easier for our teachers and administrators to dig deeper into the data, create interventions if needed, and monitor progress of student growth using PowerSchool’s Unified Classroom.”

About Regional School Unit 10

RSU 10 is a public school district located in Oxford County, Maine. 260 classroom teachers educate students in Pre -k through 12th grades. RSU 10 includes 10 schools and covers the towns of Buckfield, Byron, Canton, Carthage, Dixfield, Hanover, Hartford, Mexico, Peru, Roxbury, Rumford, and Sumner.  

About PowerSchool Group LLC 

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