PowerSchool Partners with Montgomery County School District to Boost Utilization of their Student Information System

March 16, 2016

PowerSchool will enhance the user experience and improve productivity for Montgomery County School District

Folsom, CA – March 16, 2016 – PowerSchool was selected by Georgia’s Montgomery County School District to replace its student information system with a user-friendly, intuitive, and robust platform. The new solution will efficiently power school operations, improving staff productivity and family engagement. PowerSchool’s customized reporting options will provide staff with an out-of-the-box feature to generate reports at the school and state level.

“Having a user-friendly student information system is vital to achieving success in and out of the classroom. We’re transitioning to PowerSchool to improve the user experience for school administrators, teachers, and families. As education technology continues to advance, the solutions we use need to be scalable, reliable, and practical so that the end-user will adopt it,” said Mary Caraway, Technology and Data Collections Coordinator at Montgomery County School District.

The robust functionality within PowerSchool provides school administrators, parents, and students with instant visibility to assignments, scores, grades, comments, and progress toward each standard. PowerSchool will provide district families the ability to monitor student proficiency on standards and receive immediate alerts specific to their child through innovative tools.
Montgomery County School District administrators will benefit from the flexibility of the system that allows modification of features to best fit their needs. “Our old solution presented challenges that limited what we were able to do. We had to create queries to do searches and couldn’t customize reports. As a previous PowerSchool user, I know its capabilities will enable administrators to simplify a number of processes,” notes Caraway.

Utilization by the school community is expected to increase with PowerSchool. Seamless integration with other systems used by the Montgomery County School District will streamline school operations, drive efficiency, and optimize family engagement.

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