PowerSchool Online Student Registration Provides Brookfield LaGrange Park School District with an Intuitive and Parent-Friendly Platform

February 24, 2016

Folsom, CA – February 24, 2016 – PowerSchool customized an intuitive online student registration solution for Brookfield LaGrange Park School District (IL). In an effort to eliminate a labor-intensive process, collecting and managing student data will be centralized and completed online. Seamless integration between the PowerSchool student information system (SIS) and registration solution will result in up-to-date student data by the first day of school.

Brookfield LaGrange was provided with an individualized team to build their solution. “We value good customer service and what we received far exceeded our expectations. We gave our solution specialists every form we distribute to our parents and they developed a turnkey product that efficiently meets our needs,” said Dr. Mark Kuzniewski, Superintendent of Schools.
The electronic format allows families who have more than one child in the district to ‘snap’ data from one student to another. SmartForm™ technology, an intuitive tool built into the solution, collects relevant data based on previously entered information or choices (grade, activities, medical history, etc.). The data submitted by families is reviewed, polished, and formatted to meet district policies and then delivered into the SIS, resulting in up-to-date and accurate records on the first day of school.

Kuzniewski noted that the online student registration solution will result in more effective time management for both families and staff. “Having this solution in place allows us to cut down on renewable resources. We were collecting an average of 40 sheets of paper per student. Placing the registration process online will provide our families with instant access to all of our school-related policies and vital information.”

The reporting features will allow staff to generate reports that flag families who need to upload residency documentation. “It’s a mechanism we previously didn’t have, which made residency verification difficult to manage. The solution will streamline a number of our processes, maximizing our level of efficiency,” said Kuzniewski. “The implementation process has been great. Our solution specialist is responsive and has made the transition seamless from a paper-based system to an online solution.”

Online student registration for incoming kindergarten students launched on February 8th. The solution will be available to the rest of the school community on June 1st.

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