PowerSchool Deepens Integration with Google Apps for Education

June 27, 2016

Teachers can tighten the feedback loop and more effectively collaborate with students using the latest integration between PowerSchool Learning and Google Apps for Education.

June 27, 2016—Folsom, CA—PowerSchool, the #1 provider of K-12 education technology solutions, today announced that its learning management system, PowerSchool Learning, has released an update to its seamless, single sign-on integration with Google Apps for Education (GAFE) that further streamlines communication and tightens the feedback loop between teachers and students.

When students hand in homework from Google Drive into the PowerSchool Learning Dropbox, teachers now receive the Google Drive link to the document and can conveniently provide feedback using the markup tools available in Google Drive.

Previously, teachers would receive a PDF snapshot of the document and use the Dropbox Annotator to provide feedback. However, customers wanted to further leverage the seamless integration between the two platforms by commenting right in Google Drive yet still keep a record of what was turned in by the due date in PowerSchool Learning.

Now teachers and students have even more choices to create, communicate, and collaborate in meaningful, authentic ways. Many universities and businesses use Google Drive and these types of collaborations, facilitated through the pedagogical structure of a class inside of PowerSchool Learning, helps students develop 21st century skills they need to succeed.

“When launching an LMS, educators require the implementation of a solution that provides a strong infrastructure, data security and integrity, scalability, effective collaboration, and one that’s easily adopted by the end user. Those needs aren’t being met in the K-12 classroom. Partnering with GAFE allows us to leverage two scalable solutions to fulfill those requirements and provide an unparalleled level of flexibility for educators to engage all types of learners,” said Oliver Wreford, Vice President of Strategy and Marketing at PowerSchool.

With this release, customers now have even more choices in how to provide feedback as they will get both the Google Drive link and the PDF snapshot. It strengthens an already seamless integration between the two platforms that facilitates real-time collaboration and interactivity while saving teachers valuable time and reducing their paper load.

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