PowerSchool Acquires Interactive Achievement to Deliver Best-in-Class Assessment and Analytics as Part of Marketing-Leading K-12 Solution

February 03, 2016

Acquisition allows PowerSchool to empower teacher and student growth by providing innovative tools for the digital classroom delivering measurable improvements in education outcomes

FOLSOM, CA – Feb 3, 2016 – PowerSchool Group LLC (PowerSchool) announced the acquisition of Interactive Achievement (IA), a leading provider of award-winning standardsbased instructional assessment and analytical solutions for school districts that allow administrators and teachers to deliver measurable improvements in student performance. PowerSchool is the #1 leading provider of K-12 technology solutions used by more than 40 million users and over 15 million students in 70+ countries. We power school operations for over 6,000 school districts enabling secure, compliant best-in- class processes and insights into school data. Additionally, PowerSchool provides industry-leading enrollment solutions for large and small public, charter and independent school districts. This acquisition enhances PowerSchool’s solutions for teachers, providing innovative digital classroom capabilities and enabling a single user experience for managing attendance, grading, assignments, assessments and analytics. With IA, PowerSchool will deliver new opportunities for customers to measure achievement, utilize rich content, and improve student learning outcomes in the K-12 educational community.

Interactive Achievement was founded by educators in 2006 for the purpose of delivering improved assessment and reporting tools that help enable students and teachers achieve success in the classroom. As a result, IA’s team of educators created the Assessment Management Solution (AMS) and Longitudinal Data Solution (LDS), allowing educators to deliver personalized curriculum and assessments in order to make data-driven decisions to raise student achievement. Interactive Achievement has the most technologically advanced assessment creation and delivery capabilities, offering proven internal and third-party content, allowing educators to deliver assessments that can be personalized or aligned with state longitudinal test standards. IA’s Assessment and Analytics solutions are used in classrooms across 13 U.S. states, including nearly all Virginia public schools.

“PowerSchool has the largest K-12 education community with over 6,200 school districts,” said Hardeep Gulati, CEO of PowerSchool. “Our customers are looking to adopt digital classroom tools that empower teachers to easily create personalized and data-driven assessments that directly and measurably improve student performance. By combining formative assessment with PowerTeacher Gradebook, we are providing a comprehensive tool for teachers to manage all critical aspects of their classroom activities. With our best-in-class solutions and embedded analytics, educators can now spot areas of need for their students, allowing teachers to tailor their approaches to teaching for each individual, maximizing student potential and growth. Customers of IA and PowerSchool will significantly benefit from the investments we are making to provide a superior experience for administrators, teachers, students and parents.”

“Interactive Achievement is excited to become part of the PowerSchool team,” said Jon Hagmaier, CEO of IA. “Combining our intuitive assessment tools, rich standards-based content and robust reporting will augment PowerSchool’s market leading Student Information System so that it can be used to improve teaching, learning and measurement of student outcomes.”

Marcy Daniel, COO of IA, will join PowerSchool as General Manager of Assessment Solutions. PowerSchool will be further investing in IA’s products and content, enabling wider adoption of these solutions by PowerSchool customers in all states and provinces. PowerSchool will also bring IA’s assessment solution into its open ecosystem of more than 150 partners, enabling integration with any Student Information System, other K-12 solutions, and content providers.

About PowerSchool
PowerSchool, the #1 leading provider of K-12 Student Information Systems (SIS), serves more than 40 million users and over 15 million students in over 70 countries, playing a central role in K-12 education around the world. Additionally, PowerSchool provides industry leading cloud-based enrollment solutions, including online applications, school choice lotteries, new and annual student registration designed specifically for Pre K-12 independent, charter, and public schools. Learn more about PowerSchool at www.powerschool.com.

About Interactive Achievement
Interactive Achievement (IA) creates award-winning standards-based instructional improvement systems for school districts that create positive change in student education. IA was founded in 2006 by educators searching for improved assessment and reporting tools to enable both students and teachers to achieve success. As a result, IA’s team of educators created their system to assist their education peers in making data-driven curriculum decisions in an effort to raise student achievement. IA is being used in classrooms across 12 states and is currently being piloted in the United Kingdom. IA is ranked 33rd within the Inc. 500|5000 list of Top Education Companies. Visit www.interactiveachievement.com for more.

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