Marion Community Schools moves to a Unified Classroom

December 15, 2016

Marion Community Schools Expands Partnership with PowerSchool, Launching Assessment, Analytics, Student Registration, and a Learning Management System

Indiana school district moves to a Unified Classroom to improve efficiency and access to student data

December 15, 2016 — Folsom, CA Marion Community Schools announced it has extended its partnership with PowerSchool to augment the student information system with additional solutions to empower educators and drive student growth. The school district is rolling out PowerSchool Assessment and Analytics, PowerSchool Registration, and PowerSchool Learning, providing teachers and staff with single sign-on access for a streamlined user experience.

“Rather than working with multiple providers to manage data for our 3500 students, it’s important for us to have one partner who provides our teachers and staff with a unified platform to access student data,” stated Michele Smith, District Instructional Coordinator at Marion Community Schools. “We’re looking forward to leveraging the single sign-on functionality where everything can be accessed efficiently instead of going to multiple sources for data.”

Prior to adopting PowerSchool Assessment and Analytics, the district’s teachers used different methods to identify student instructional needs. “We’re improving consistency between the schools within our district by implementing one centralized place to collect data that will ultimately help drive instruction and student achievement,” said Smith.

During the student registration season, the district will use PowerSchool Registration to collect relevant student data from families. Those who have more than one child in the district can ‘snap’ data from one student to another. The solution will provide Marion Community Schools with up-to-date and accurate records on the first day of school.

PowerSchool Learning is a learning management and classroom collaboration solution that empowers teachers with real-time student interaction. “PowerSchool Learning is new and exciting for us,” said Smith. “The learning management system is being well received by our teachers who say it’s incredibly easy to use. We’re all excited about the ability to house our curriculum information and resources in one place, allowing teachers to easily create their own class content and collaborate with others district-wide. It makes for a much more efficient process to have all of these solutions under one umbrella.”

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