Community Unit SD 300 Rolls Out PowerSchool Learning to Drive Student Success

October 25, 2016

Community Unit School District 300 Rolls Out PowerSchool Learning to Drive Student Success

PowerSchool’s learning management solution increases engagement among district’s students by 82% within the first three days of school

October 25, 2016 — Folsom, CA PowerSchool has partnered with Illinois’s Community Unit School District 300 to provide the district with an innovative learning management system (LMS), complementing its one-to-one program initiative. Following a successful pilot of PowerSchool Learning for the district’s high school, the solution was launched in 1st to 8th grades and in pilot high school classes to over 13,000 students this school year.

“Before we launch a solution for our school district, we evaluate the purpose it is meant to serve and if it is in alignment with our goals,” said Anne Pasco, Director of Digital Literacy and Innovation at Community Unit School District 300. “Our purpose in our one-to-one initiative and utilizing an LMS is to emphasize instruction, not technology; to use research-based methodology and data-driven decisions; and to increase student learning. PowerSchool Learning is helping us attain those specific goals.”

PowerSchool Learning is a cloud-based learning management and classroom collaboration solution that empowers teachers with real-time student interaction inside and outside the classroom. Teachers can quickly create and deliver rich, engaging content with embedded lessons, electronically collect, annotate, and grade work, and easily collaborate with other educators.

“We are able to respond to student learning in a timely fashion using PowerSchool Learning,” said Pasco. “Community Unit School District 300 is the sixth largest district in Illinois. Engagement is key in a district of our size and with PowerSchool Learning, we can provide timely professional development that is targeted to what teachers and students need, systematic methodology so that everyone receives the same message, and customization of content to engage all learners.”

On the first two days of school for the 2016-17 school year, Community Unit School District 300 provided 13,000 devices to individual students. Approximately 187 students logged into the device on the first day of school. By day three, 10,657 students were logging in daily to access content, quizzes, lessons, and videos. “The jump from 1% to 82% shows that our entire community is engaged in the learning environment. Students feel a sense of ownership, and because the tools are collaborative, it becomes a joint effort between teachers, parents, and students to really drive student success.”

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