Arizona School Districts with PowerSchool Now Have Access to Real-time Reporting

June 18, 2015

PowerSchool Releases AzEDS Ed-Fi Reporting System

NEW YORK – June 18, 2015 – Today Pearson announced that PowerSchool has released its AzEDS Ed-Fi Reporting System to all Arizona PowerSchool customers. PowerSchool’s AzEDS Ed-Fi Reporting System allows new real-time reporting, structured organizing, daily reports and prompt school funding. This new capability comes with PowerSchool’s release of its AzEDS Ed-Fi Reporting System, following the Arizona Department of Education’s confirmation in early April that PowerSchool successfully completed certification testing for Arizona Education Data Standards (AzEDS) Release 1.0 and 2.0 requirements. PowerSchool is the first product to introduce this real-time integration, a full year ahead of the state’s requirements.

The software has now been made generally available to all Arizona PowerSchool districts. AzEDS uses the Ed-Fi model, which allows data to be securely transferred from local education agencies (LEAs) to the ADE server using a REST API. Based on widely adopted Common Education Data Standards, Ed-Fi is the data standard for Arizona’s AzEDS education system.

AzEDS is implementing the model as part of the Ed-Fi initiative to enable educators to have easy access to comprehensive student-level data that allows them to continually measure progress and develop action plans. The Ed-Fi Data Standard serves as the foundation for enabling interoperability among secure education data systems designed to improve student achievement and teacher satisfaction.

Norm Purdy of Arizona’s Vail School District spoke of his district’s experience as one of the early adopter local education agencies (LEAs). “As long time PowerSchool users, Vail School District is excited to be working with PowerSchool on AzEDS Ed-Fi Reporting System testing with the Arizona Department of Education. We are very pleased with the progress PowerSchool has made developing the AzEDS Ed-Fi Reporting System interface.”

He continued, “Vail’s initial submissions to the Arizona Department of Education have been very successful. The Ed-Fi dashboard in PowerSchool is well thought out and user friendly. Users can see data processing, data pending, errors and more.”

Michael Connolly, vice president of regulatory compliance for Pearson School Systems, said, “PowerSchool is excited to work with AzEDS and Arizona PowerSchool districts on the Ed-Fi model to deliver better, more secure data to local education agencies. The Ed-Fi initiative results in real-time feedback to directly inform educational decisions at the local level, and will reduce administrative costs incurred by school agencies in their regular reporting of data to the state.”

Bryan MacDonald, managing director, Pearson School Systems, said, “This release of the AzEDS Ed-Fi Reporting System for the PowerSchool student information system represents our continued commitment to partnering with state and local education agencies to develop enhanced ways to manage data and accelerate student achievement through informed decision-making.”

PowerSchool is currently completing testing with three early adopter LEAs in the state’s staging testing environment per state requirements. Upon completion of the early adopter testing, Arizona PowerSchool districts will be notified that they can request credentials from the state, and then set up and enable the Ed-Fi production release that has been made available to all PowerSchool Arizona districts.

Once the early adopter LEAs complete their testing in the next few weeks, PowerSchool will continue to coordinate with Arizona PowerSchool districts to help set up the AzEDS Ed-Fi Reporting System that has been made generally available to all LEAs. Training and support is provided by Pearson, so that all LEAs in Arizona are prepared to “go live” in production in 2015.

PowerSchool has long been recognized for its secure, reliable management of student data and ease-of-use for teachers, parents and students. Significant investment in PowerSchool and a commitment to developing cutting-edge technologies such as Ed-Fi and Application Programming Interface (API) tools make PowerSchool the leading student information system for K12 education. Releasing PowerSchool’s AzEDS Ed-Fi Reporting in Arizona is another step in the continuing process of embracing innovation in technology to benefit student learning.

PowerSchool, used by more than 13 million students in the US, Canada and 70 countries, plays a central role in a network of integrated systems designed to provide K-12 districts with a cohesive solution to manage all mission-critical administrative processes and instructional data. For more information about PowerSchool visit

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