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A New, More Intuitive Navigation for PowerSchool Learning

Bryan Falcon, VP of Product Strategy July 29, 2016

A New, More Intuitive Navigation for PowerSchool Learning

I used to live in a beloved labyrinth of a house, full of architectural split personalities and the idiosyncratic tastes of generations of prior owners.  Eventually, I grew to see that what had at first seemed completely random choices were by design—but the original intents had been obscured by visions layered over time.

Architecture and technology, both born of engineering and design, have much in common. Decisions of the day can appear to later generations as a complete mystery. And many projects, after iterations of agile ingenuity, inspire an itch in engineers to rearrange flow and enhance our user experience.

Over the years, we have released a series of ground-breaking tools to effectively manage content in our learning platform.  A week from now, PowerSchool Learning will release a navigation enhancement with a fresh focus on classroom workflow.

Currently, our tools for communication, activities and assessment are split between our Connect and Assess tabs. After the refresh, a more intuitive grouping of tools will be presented.  Conversation threads between teacher, student and parents will be shared on our Messages tab. Student engagement tools will be available on the Activities tab.  Evaluation tools, such as grades and attendance, will be presented on the Grades tab.

Our familiar Pages | Calendar | Connect | Assess tabs will become the similar, but yet more clearly delineated Pages | Calendar | Messages | Activities | Grades.


This reorganization will also pave the way for another groundbreaking innovation— the release of our PowerSchool Unified Classroom, a deep interweaving of SIS, Assessment, and Learning platforms that will eliminate the clunkiness of interoperability and replace it with the seamlessness of classroom unification.  The navigation will fluidly adapt to your school’s unique configuration, helping to balance the depth of a complete digital solution without the split personality user experience of a cobbled together integration.

To read more about the specifics, please read this article.

As always, we welcome your thoughts about these changes and PowerSchool Learning as a whole. Drop me a note at bryan.falcon@powerschool.com and let me know how things are going.


Bryan Falcón
VP of Product Strategy



Bryan Falcón, VP of Product Strategy, PowerSchool

Bryan Rafael Falcón developed the vision for Haiku Learning while consulting for school districts dissatisfied with the available options for digital learning platforms. He’s the creative dynamo behind the vision and execution of the product itself. Bryan loves working directly with innovative educators who are transforming education through digital learning. Bryan holds a BA in theatre from Goshen College and an MFA in Directing from Western Illinois University.

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