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Use real-time data to adjust instruction for students, classes, grades, and schools, building student engagement and driving growth.

PowerSchool empowers teachers and administrators to use real-time data insights and analysis to adjust instruction from the student to the school level. We help teachers to see where a student’s strengths and weaknesses lie, illustrating which areas or standards they haven’t mastered so that teachers can pinpoint growth real-time data to adjust instruction for students, classes, grades, and schools, building student engagement and driving growth.

PowerSchool helps students understand their own learning: show them their progress, give real-time feedback and scores, and foster engagement in learning through content and assignments. Parents, meanwhile, benefit from transparency of their child’s assignments, scores, and grades, getting real-time insight into their child’s learning, growth, and weaknesses. As a result, parents can effectively support their children outside of the classroom.

Oregon CUSD 220 reduced failing rates using PowerSchool

PowerSchool helps administrators and teachers to identify when a student is at risk of failing, or dropping out of school altogether. Through real-time data insights and trend analysis, schools can see when and where a student or a class is struggling and why, empowering them to take corrective action. Supporting and nurturing students, and showing them their progress helps to build their confidence and continue to engage in learning.

Illinois’ Oregon CUSD 220 has improved its measure of freshmen students with failing grades in English, Mathematics and Science with PowerSchool’s help by identifying trends of struggling and at risk students, allowing the district to step in and provide students’ help to get them back on track.  In 2008, 29.4% of freshmen had at least one “F” grade in these core classes; in 2015, that number dropped to just 19.0%.

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Improving student engagement and driving learning ownership.

In 2012, only 30 percent of students passed the spring mathematics state assessment at Jane Bryan Elementary in Virginia. Jane Bryan used PowerSchool Assessment to improve 3rd grade math scores from 19% to 42%; 4th grade math scores from 22% to 76%; and 5th grade math scores from 47% to 72%.

Using formative assessment, getting real-time data insights, adjusting instruction and pinpointing areas of weakness empowered Jane Bryan Elementary to truly drive student growth with measurable results in performance.

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“Because of the PowerSchool app, my son saw that he received a zero for an assignment that he had turned in that day. That’s when he remembered that he forgot to put his name on the assignment. Right away he went to his teacher and sure enough, the assignment was in the ‘no name’ pile. But if he didn’t have the app giving him instant notification, who knows how long it would have been before he would have realized he didn’t turn it in or have his name on it. The instant feedback is phenomenal. It allows our students to take responsibility for their learning."

Tony Newman
Assistant Superintendent, Ramona Unified School District, CA
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PowerTeacher Pro Saves Time and Improves Instruction at New London Community School District

With PowerTeacher Pro, students at New London Community School District are receiving an improved K-12 education experience while teachers are empowered with innovative educational technology tools to enhance their standards-based grading efforts.

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new london

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