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PowerSchool for All School Types

Independent/private, charter, magnet, international, district, and more.

Designed for K-12, flexible to serve your specific needs.

PowerSchool serves millions of users in more than 70 countries at a wide variety of schools. We’re proud to offer solutions for all school types including:

  • charter schools
  • independent/private schools
  • international schools
  • magnet schools
  • specialized schools
  • school districts

We appreciate that each school or district is different, that your priorities are unique, so we built flexible, best-in-class technology that matches what you need to build the best education experience possible.

An LMS with Immediate Buy-in From Teachers

After trying three different LMS solutions in five years, The Kinkaid School in Houston, TX, reported overwhelmingly positive response and high adoption when it implemented PowerSchool Learning.

Within a year, 85% of Middle School faculty had adopted PowerSchool Learning, with plans for further expansion in the 2016-2017 school year. Read more about what made the solution so successful.

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"Parents are a lot more informed and engaged, which has made our students take more responsibility for their grades. A lot of the pressure was taken off of the teachers because students in grades 7 and above can see their grades and thus take that pressure upon themselves. Their questions for teachers have shifted from ‘What is my grade today?’ to ‘How can I get my grade up?’ or ‘I am missing an assignment, how can I turn it in?’ Now they study more, turn in their assignments on time and can plan how to increase their grade by the end of the semester."

Sunda Cramer
SIS Manager, Archdiocese of Baltimore, MD

Increasing applications internationally

The American School Foundation of Mexico City received 700-800 applications per year. Looking for a more streamlined and efficient solution, they switched to PowerSchool Registration, and saw applications increase to more than 1,000 annually.

Read more about how PowerSchool Registration transformed their process, increased the quality of applications, and eliminated manual data entry into three separate systems.

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Charter School Lottery – Uplift Education

“We have gone from knowing very little about our enrollment situation to knowing everything, instantaneously,” Ness said. “This allows us to pinpoint, at a particular school, program, and/or grade level, where we need to target our resources and our teachers, for improved resource planning for the upcoming year.”

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