What is PowerSchool Unified Insights™ Assessment Dashboards?

December 13, 2017

Wednesday, December 13 • 10AM PT / 1PM ET

Join us to learn about Assessment Dashboards — the first family of data sets available under the PowerSchool Unified Insights™ solution. Unified Insights will make student- and school-level reporting, identification, and improvement initiatives easier than ever by providing you and your staff a 360-degree view of student, school and district performance.

Assessment Dashboards brings together a school district’s disparate data sets and sources seamlessly into a single, software-based solution. School districts can conveniently track, manage, and monitor all aspects of student, school, and administrative data and performance metrics.

Join Uday Ghorpade, VP Product Management, to learn how to:

  • Unify all your assessment data into a single family of analytics dashboards
  • Access reporting and analytics insights designed for your school, district, and student needs
  • Compare and view reports and analytics across your district

This 30-minute webinar will also include a brief product demonstration and Q&A session.

Presented by Uday Ghorpade, VP Product Management, PowerSchool

Can’t make the webinar at this time? Sign up anyway and we’ll send you the recording to watch on demand at your convenience or to share with a colleague.

Save your seat!

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