School District of Springfield Township, PA: Unify District Operations with PowerSchool Finance/HR/ERP 

PowerSchool Webinar

June 21, 2017

Empower Employees and Unify District Operations with PowerSchool Finance/HR/ERP

Introducing PowerSchool Finance/HR/ERP: one of the last critical solution pieces that is important to unified K-12 school district operations.

Join Emily Kehr, MS HRM, Director of Human Resources at Springfield Township Schools and hear how the district is operating more efficiently with a Finance/HR/ERP solution that streamlines district operations and now integrates with the PowerSchool SIS.

Here’s a sneak peek into how the School District of Springfield Township is saving district dollars:

  • Document archival and report generation to save associated printing costs
  • One-time data entry and revenue account coding simplifies processes
  • Comprehensive visibility of district finances and historical trends to assist with decision making
  • Staff will also have visibility of the whole picture to improve student outcomes

This will be an opportunity to hear how one school district is using the Finance/HR/ERP solution. You will also be able to participate in a live Q&A session to hear from PowerSchool experts. During this time you can learn all about how the solution can help with your school or district’s specific needs.

PowerSchool’s Finance/HR/ERP solution streamlines the management of K-12 financial and human resources data. Our secure financial and human resources management system smartly manages payroll, personnel and employee data. By simplifying thousands of tasks performed daily by district personnel our solution frees your staff to focus on district success.

Strategic decision-making based on actionable, relevant information

Our Finance/HR/ERP solution provides district leaders with the dashboards and data analysis tools that provide key building or district-wide performance indicators to effectively drive efforts toward data-driven action plans. At-a-glance insights also allow administrators to monitor budgetary performance, employee statistics and purchasing.

Districts know that data is only helpful if you know how to use it.

Users can intuitively create reports so that stakeholders truly understand the data and make informed strategic decisions. Rest assured that staff will be able to meet regulatory requirements on time. They will also have the ability to produce an extensive number of standard, regulatory and custom reports.

Save your seat!

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