One unified solution for Charter Schools from registration to graduation

May 24, 2017

One unified SIS Charter Schools can use from registration to graduation

Charter schools and schools of all sizes love PowerSchool because it meets their unique student data management needs. Join Cathy Gomes, Student Information Manager for Bay View Academy, to hear how they partnered with PowerSchool. PowerSchool’s SIS can support your needs with a unified SIS charter schools can use from registration to graduation.

Improve efficiency with an easy-to-use system

Our SIS offers efficiency with an easy-to-use, intuitive system. Designed for administrators and teachers respectively, our SIS is quick to navigate. You can tackle daily tasks in just a few clicks, minimizing training and driving high adoption rates.

Join a large user community

From user groups to online forums to national training events to YouTube videos, getting the PowerSchool SIS means you join a worldwide community of active users engaged in helping each other out to improve education operations.

Increased real-time family engagement

Our SIS improves communication and transparency between parents, students, teachers, and schools. Experience the industry’s highest rated mobile app and online parent portal.

Experience a scalable, end-to-end SIS charter schools can use

Schools depend on a modern, easy-to-use solution to power daily operations. PowerSchool’s can also help improve administrative productivity, identify problem areas, and ensure funding through appropriate reporting. Our SIS covers administrative needs, such as scheduling, attendance, faculty management, registration, and more. Teachers love our SIS because it’s easy to use and boasts an industry-leading gradebook, PowerTeacher Pro. Users enjoy a fully web-based SIS that is flexible, configurable, and scalable. Additionally, you will experience real-time updates on any operating system, browser or device.

Save your seat!

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