Teacher Training and Harnessing the Power of the Gradebook

February 01, 2017

Is it difficult to get families involved for on-time, accurate school registration? Find out how Arlington School District (MA) has had great success in engaging families through an online registration solution.

Join Mike Remy to learn how his district has revolutionized the registration process by saving money, time and resources – plus increased family satisfaction and confidence! Plus you will have the opportunity to ask questions from PowerSchool Registration experts that relate to your own school or district.

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Today’s digital grade book is about so much more than just grades. It should be a powerful, easy-to-use – and indispensable – tool that empowers teachers and drives student growth by providing comprehensive classroom management. Join Julie Giannini Previde, Principal at McKinleyville Middle School, to learn how her teachers are seamlessly managing all tasks in the classroom including grading, attendance, assignments, and measuring student achievement – all right from their fingertips.

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