Prepare to Build 3-Day Workshop - Hosted in MD

November 02, 2016

The PowerScheduler Prepare to Build 3-day session is designed for schools that have not previously built a master schedule in PowerScheduler, are new to scheduling concepts, or need extra assistance in working through the preparation process. The Prepare to Build 3-day session will go over all items that need to be completed in order to have a productive build experience. You need to have some key items in your PowerSchool server in order to work hands on. These include: courses, students, and teachers. This course is designed for people who will need more assistance with setting up the parameters for their school.


  • Introduce PowerScheduler and Prepare to Build process
  • Use demo data to discuss and evaluate setup items
  • Brainstorm school specific items such as use of Teams, Buildings, or Houses
  • Analyze Room, Teacher, Student, and course request screen setup
  • Walk through comprehensive setup of Courses, including Course Relationships
  • Discuss use of Constraints
  • Download engine and demonstrate Build process
  • Evaluate common errors in process
  • Begin to work on individual school setup, focusing on specific “tricky” topics such as Course Setup, Course Relationships, and Constraints

PLEASE NOTE: A school will usually only attend either the Prepare to Build or Load Process classes based on the process they are completing. Experience Level: Attendees should have completed Instant Productivity Training. If this is not possible, attendees must complete a 3-hour overview session prior to attending a Prepare to Build session. All attendees must be able to navigate PowerSchool, work on their own, know the basics of scheduling terminology, and understand the parameters of your own school schedule. Attendees should download materials prior to attending.

Hosted by Maryland School for the Deaf in Frederick, MD.


Sign-up for this event requires having access to PowerSource, PowerSchool’s online resource knowledgebase and activity center for customers. If you don’t have access to PowerSource, contact your system administrator or IT department who can help you to get registered for the training event.

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