Master Schedule Building Workshop - Hosted in CA

November 09, 2016

Learn how to build an effective master schedule regardless of your school’s software. Based on time-tested concepts, this comprehensive, hands-on course provides the solid foundation you need to create a master schedule that fits the varied needs of your students, school, and staff. The workshop is not software specific and is designed for all skill and experience levels. It is a must for anyone in secondary education who is responsible for this critical task, from principals and counselors to registrars and department heads.

This event is open to all schools and district regardless of their SIS. You do not need to have the PowerSchool SIS to attend.

Please note: all dollar amounts are in US dollars. Additional state taxes may apply.


Sign-up for this event requires having access to PowerSource, PowerSchool’s online resource knowledgebase and activity center for customers. If you don’t have access to PowerSource, contact your system administrator or IT department who can help you to get registered for the training event.

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