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Duration: 40 minutes

In K-12, technology and student management are crucial components to successfully delivering on the final product: education. Without the right infrastructure and tools in place, it’s a steep uphill battle to efficiently and effectively educate students. Yet, many districts struggle with outdated processes and inadequate systems to support optimal student registration, robust student information management, unique needs of special education and student behavior, and classroom and student performance.

Join Oxford Community Schools Superintendent Tim Throne to learn how to impact student achievement and provide a strong financial return on investment for your district. Tim has been a dynamic educational leader who has integrated both physical and virtual classrooms with one, unified technology solution that has helped:

  • Increase collaboration and communication between teachers and staff
  • Control costs district-wide
  • Individualize instruction, including ability for students to work at their own pace
  • Enhance parent engagement with comprehensive access to children’s class pages, grades, assignments, and attendance

This webinar will also walk attendees through steps to calculate your school district’s ROI through unification of disparate systems.


About Tim Throne

Tim has been serving Oxford Community Schools (OSC) since August 2000, beginning his tenure as Superintendent in May 2015. During his time with OCS, Tim has helped spearhead several of Oxford’s signature programs, such as Oxford’s Reimagine Proposal, Fifth Core, Oxford Virtual Academy, Sister School relationships, and Strategic Planning. Tim has 25 years of experience in diverse academic and corporate settings. Tim has earned his state MSBO School Technology Management certification and Executive MBA from the Ken Blanchard School of Business at Grand Canyon University. Tim also completed his Central Office certification from Oakland University in 2014, and his superintendent’s endorsement as a participant in MASA’s Courageous Journey program in the same year.


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