Another Choice Charter School: Implement IEPs with the only unified special education solution for PowerSchool​

May 11, 2017

PowerSchool Webinar: Learn about implementing IEPs with PowerSchool Special Education from Another Choice Charter School

Just in time for back to school, combine the unified and integrated experience between your PowerSchool SIS and PowerSchool Special Education. You can experience seamless data flow to improve collaboration, processes, efficiency and resource allocation.  Hear how Another Choice Charter School is implementing IEPs after integrating PowerSchool Special Education with its PowerSchool SIS.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from Another Choice Charter School. You will also be able to participate in a live question and answer session with PowerSchool experts. This will be your chance to learn about how PowerSchool Special Education can help your school or district manage compliance, intervention, and all special education services using one powerful, fully customizable solution.

Implementing IEPs and promoting compliance

Educators can reliably develop and manage compliant and high-quality special education documents, such as IEPs. Track and monitor IEP process from initial referral through classification and placement, to delivery and meeting state reporting requirements.

Reports beyond state requirements

Easily run required state and district reports, and if allowed, send data directly to the state. Identify trends and address problems through training or professional development.

Intuitive and easy-to-use

Our system is easy to use and designed to guide users through workflows of what needs to be done. Additionally, take confidence knowing you’ve met requirements.

Transparent progress monitoring

Involve parents and build communication and understanding using progress monitoring with charts showing student growth over time.

Save your seat!

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