Understanding The Change In Learners And The Secret To Personalized Learning

November 07, 2017

Tuesday, November 7 12:00 PM PT / 3:00 PM ET

Just like a highly detailed Starbucks drink order, nearly everything in our culture is personalized.

Education within our schools should be no different.

Broadband internet and the ubiquitous use of personal devices have changed our understanding of how and when students learn. Students have changed; now putting together their versions of knowledge, since content recall is no longer necessary.

They are learning how to curate and evaluate the mountain of information an internet search generates. Though this change is prevalent, most instructors continue to teach in the way they were taught. The instructional paradigm we have enjoyed for generations must be broken before we lose this new cohort of learners.

Join Dr. Jeffrey Felix to hear his discussion of how districts can make an instructional shift by:

  • Breaking the instructional paradigm to meet the changing needs of the learner
  • Utilizing resources that support both students and teachers
  • Collaborating with leadership across the district, including IT, principals, and curriculum
  • Partnering with technology companies that are aligned with district goals

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About Dr. Jeffrey Felix 

Dr. Jeffrey Felix has been an educator for over 30 years, serving 19 years as a superintendent. Named Superintendent of the Year twice by the Association of California School Administrators, he continues to serve the Classroom of the Future Foundation, which named him Innovative Superintendent for 2016.  He retired from Coronado Unified School District in July 2016. He also served as Superintendent for the Bonsall USD and for the San Pasqual USD.  

Dr. Felix earned a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from UCSD. He is considered an expert in 1:1 computer implementation, BYOD, Open Educational Resources (OER), and managing cultural change for the Digital Age. He is passionate about helping leaders communicate effectively to all stakeholders using a variety of methods that serve our digital society. 

Save your seat!

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