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Connect. Streamline. Reduce frustration.

Extend the PowerSchool platform for a comprehensive coverage of all areas of education. Integrate with applications you’re already using to minimize disruption and maximize efficiency.

PowerSchool’s partner program is an exclusive collection of partners who we believe are critical to our mission of improving the education experience. Our program promotes the delivery of comprehensive solutions to all areas of management of a classroom, school, district, or state.

Our goal is to deliver an open platform that enables schools to streamline data management and transfer, maximize efficiency, protect student data, and minimize frustrations associated with using multiple software applications.

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Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) from PowerSchool to partner system; one set of credential to remember for ease of use, saving time and reducing risk of user account lockout.

Seamless Data Exchange

Use the PowerSchool API for seamless, secure data exchange; read and write-back capabilities allow bi-directional data integration with PowerSchool.

Streamlined User Experience

Create a seamless user experience with embedded 3rd-party applications and widgets in PowerSchool for intuitive access.

An industry-leading partner program

At PowerSchool, we value our customers and working to make their lives easier using innovative technology. Out of this pursuit, the Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partner program was born. The ISV program, from its foundation, seeks to harness relationships and work together with other K-12 vendors to create integrations that remove the legwork of data exchange for our customers.

PowerSchool’s ISV programs, born in 2011, crafted an efficient and integrated way for schools to connect their various applications and systems. With the PowerSchool platform, you create robust, integrated solutions that meet your unique fingerprint in education, giving you flexibility to create what truly meets your needs across transportation, cafeteria, college/career readiness, visitor management and more.

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PowerSchool understands the needs of our district. We are educators, not data managers. The ISV program allows vendors to meet our needs by allowing them to integrate with our student information system, which is the main hub of all our data. This means more time to focus on what really matters—student needs.”

Matthew Snowberger
Tippecanoe School Corp, IN

Certified Services Partners

PowerSchool selects the most effective partners in specific regions to deliver services on behalf of PowerSchool.



Our partners come to us with years of experience, are handpicked by PowerSchool, and are certified on all forms of services delivery.

Working with our partners ensures districts receive dedicated attention, which is made more convenient due to the strategic regional placement of our partners, who are often located in your districts surrounding area.

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