SIS – Parkland School District Drives Student Success with Data-Driven Decision-Making

March 16, 2017

Parkland School District located in Allentown, the third largest city in Pennsylvania, educates more than 9,000 students at 11 schools.


Parkland School District, PA., has a reputation for educating for success. Recently, the district was named a US AP District of the Year and also achieved a score of 94 percent on the Pennsylvania School Performance Profile, which was the 39th highest rating of the 500 districts in the state.

According to Tracy Smith, assistant to the superintendent for operations, a key catalyst in the district’s success has been its reliance on a single integrated solution for managing the district’s data. “There’s a huge amount of efficiency in using an integrated solution,” Smith says. “Thanks to the integration, there are crosswalks for their data. Teachers doing an IEP don’t have to leave IEPPLUS® to pull up the student’s assessment data. In eSchoolPLUS™, they can pull up a child’s IEP, and they don’t have to log into a separate program,” she explains.

From this single solution, Parkland now thinks big about its educational programs and has increased its focus on data-driven decision making to support student achievement.


Parkland envisioned a series increase the on data-driven decision-making to support achievement.


Parkland leveraged PowerSchool’s integrated solution for managing their student information, special education, assessment and curriculum, and financial and human resource data and processes.


Parkland’s administration now has the confidence to launch strategic initiatives that support student achievement and create closer connections with their entire educational community. “With eSchoolPLUS, we moved to a standards-based report card at the elementary level. It was a very collaborative project that created a better way to communicate student progress. PowerSchool then took our vision and did custom programming to make it a reality,” said Smith.

As part of its Response to Intervention and Instruction process, Parkland’s Curriculum Department has developed benchmarks to proactively support learning for all students in the beginning of their educational career. “They seek to identify at an early age those students who might need assistance and try to get them those services before a significant gap in their learning develops,” Smith explains.

The district has achieved incremental improvement,” Smith says. “A lot of the curriculum development work is done within our professional learning communities. Now our curriculum is dynamic, which can help identify opportunities for improvement.”

With PowerSchool and its integrated solution, Parkland is confident knowing it has an educational partner who will continue to innovate and support its staff.

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If we find that our standardized test results in a certain area aren’t as strong, we can now do a deep dive into the data and look where there might be a gap in the curriculum.

Tracy Smith
Assistant to the Superintendent of Operations, Parkland School District, PA
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