Registration – North Olmsted City School District in Ohio

September 20, 2016

In spring of 2013, North Olmsted City School District (OH) analyzed the way they collected student data. Change was imminent as it became evident that an improvement in the process of their workflow was necessary for ensuring data integrity.

For help, Nancy Burce, Coordinator of Instructional Technology at North Olmsted, turned to PowerSchool Registration, a streamlined solution that was specific to the needs of this district. Prior to PowerSchool Registration, North Olmsted distributed an abundance of paperwork to parents. Forms included student information, emergency medical, and health questionnaires. In those days, families would spend more than an hour in a school’s office filling out stacks of paper. The administrative staff would then take that information and hand-key the data into their PowerSchool student information system (SIS).

The customized solution from PowerSchool today allows staff to keep all paperwork in a securely hosted, scalable cloud environment. “At the time we thought, if we’re going to go paperless, let’s completely eradicate it,” says Burce. “So, we put everything online.”

North Olmsted’s acceptable use policies, code of conduct, handbooks, publicity permission slips, family education rights, privacy act, and Title I partnership forms are now accessible online. “Half of the forms don’t flow into our SIS but they are available electronically,” says Burce. “We know the parents have it and we no longer send them paper copies.”

A feature that specifically enhances North Olmsted’s solution is the use of administrative tags to create an efficient workflow process. Tags are an administrative tool that allows staff to flag student records to easily keep track of forms that have been received. “By law, we have to keep hard copies of the emergency medical forms,” says Burce. “Once they print, we apply a tag within our solution that identifies the form as ‘building-printed’ so we can sort out the new ones from the forms we already have.” This is valuable for a district such as North Olmsted with 4,000 students across nine schools.

What once was a paper-based nightmare is now an efficient online registration management solution—benefiting staff and the families of more than 4,000 students in this growing community.
A streamlined approach from PowerSchool provides the staff and families of North Olmsted with a level of efficiency they previously didn’t have. “We’ve replaced one system with another,” says Burce. “It’s a logical innovation. And it makes sense.”

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