Registration – Horry County School District

November 29, 2016

Horry County School District Saves $14,000 Annually in Postage Alone Using PowerSchool Registration

Horry County School District in Conway, South Carolina, has 51 schools in nine attendance areas, from Myrtle Beach to Loris. As the third largest school district in South Carolina, Horry County serves over 40,000 students from Pre-K through high school.

“Since [PowerSchool Registration] was implemented, we’ve estimated that it saves us an average of $14,000 a year in postage alone.”
– Missy Johnson, Technology Systems Coordinator
Horry County Public Schools

The Challenge

Every year, each of Horry County’s 51 schools would implement a different method for collecting student data and school related activities. They wanted a more streamlined registration management system that would eradicate the mixture of processes used across the district. “Prior to [PowerSchool Registration], student registration was chaotic,” says Missy Johnson, Technology Systems Coordinator at Horry County. “A formalized routine wasn’t in place, which made it difficult for each school to efficiently process information.”

Streamlined Solution with Big Results

The need for a structured student registration system was just part of the challenge that Horry County faced. The cost to distribute packets of information to families each year was extensive. The expense for paper, postage, and manpower was analyzed and the decision to move student registration online became crystal clear. “Since [PowerSchool Registration] was implemented, we’ve estimated that it saves us an average of $14,000 a year in postage alone,” says Johnson.

More Benefits

In addition to managing enrollment and registration, the administrative personnel at Horry County were tasked with collecting fees for a variety of activities including yearbooks, parking passes, athletics, PTO, ROTC, t-shirts, agendas, after-school care, donations, and more. With PowerSchool Registration’s Payment Management services, over 50 different payment types are now received and properly distributed to accounts—freeing up staff time and resources.

It was a collective goal from the staff at Horry County to have an efficient process in place that makes student registration and fee collection easier for staff and families. Now, accurate data is accessible with the click of a mouse. This efficiency also simplifies state reporting for Horry County Schools. “We can now look in our system and within minutes have the data we need for state reporting instead of going through thousands of sheets of paper,” says Johnson. “Our solution from [PowerSchool Registration] delivers a product that provides beyond our expectations.”

“To effectively customize a solution for a district of this capacity could not have been done without [PowerSchool Registration’s] solution specialists,” adds Johnson. “We never receive a response that states, ‘We can’t do this,’ but always, ‘Let me see what I can do,’ and that is why we’ve been able to accomplish so much with [PowerSchool].”

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