Registration – Bedford County Schools in Virginia

September 08, 2016

Bedford County Public Schools benefits from PowerSchool’s most advanced data integration capabilities.

Bedford County Public Schools (VA) is comprised of 10,300 students. The sizable student population urged Bedford to achieve uniformity throughout the district for capturing and managing student data in their PowerSchool student information system (SIS). Bedford selected PowerSchool’s InfoSnap registration platform to transform the district’s business process by streamlining the workflow for processing student enrollment and registration. Bedford recently implemented the PowerSchool API to integrate their SIS with their [PowerSchool Registration]solution, providing an optimal experience for this district to obtain, consume, and react to family, student, and staff information.

Saving $82,000 Per Year
Prior to using PowerSchool Registration, Bedford would distribute and collect approximately 15-20 forms per student. Due to the volume of paperwork, school administrators worked through the month of December before all student data was entered into their SIS. “Factoring in the cost of labor resources, paper, and ink, our [PowerSchool Registration] solution saves us an average of $82,000 per year. If you analyze the time that staff would previously spend on printing 154,000+ sheets of paper, following up with families, and manually processing and polishing student data, it came at a significant cost to our school district,” says Kevin Harrison, Data Manager at Bedford.

Leveraging the API
“Once PowerSchool Registration helped us improve our productivity, we began to explore all of the opportunities that PowerSchool is capable of providing,” says Harrison.
What the API Does
“The PowerSchool API allows our school administrators to deliver data without exporting and importing files, resulting in real-time, on-demand data delivery from PowerSchool Registration to our PowerSchool SIS. It’s imperative to note that developing and implementing an API is a complex process. However, PowerSchool Registration boasts a sophisticated infrastructure, best practices, and an experienced team that are an ideal match for PowerSchool’s SIS, which resulted in the design, programming, and production of this powerful API.”

Creating Efficiencies
Before the implementation of the PowerSchool API, administrative staff would sign into PowerSchool Registration, approve a student record, and then create a download file to upload into their PowerSchool SIS. The API has eliminated this step. Its capabilities automatically search the entire database for duplicate records, an extremely valuable feature for school staff.
“The simplicity of the API is incredible—it’s as simple as pushing a button. What also impresses me is that I have the ability to create an unlimited number of new fields and implement them as part of my Registration solution. We place a call to our solution specialist and it’s done within minutes, so that our school staff can track additional data,” says Harrison.

Custom Fields
Bedford had taken the time to create custom fields in their PowerSchool SIS before implementing PowerSchool Registration. Those fields include photo release forms and student medical conditions which allow school administrators to manage vital data. “As we were considering an online registration management provider, it was important for us to be able to transfer over the customizations we had in our SIS,” says Harrison.

Choosing a Provider
“We looked at other online registration solutions, but quickly realized that a business solution converted to a school solution wasn’t the innovation we were seeking. What separates PowerSchool from its contenders is that they have always been in the business of providing customized solutions for schools and they have the most advanced PowerSchool SIS integration and data management capabilities in the industry,” says Harrison.

Using PowerSchool Registration streamlined Bedford’s process for collecting demographic information, emergency cards, medical conditions, parental permissions, and much more. Parents raved to school administrators, voicing their appreciation for not having to fill out an abundance of paperwork. Administrative personnel are grateful for the efficiency of the PowerSchool API and its ability to deliver clean, accurate data directly into their SIS, including custom fields, saving them valuable time.

“Working with the PowerSchool Registration team to implement the PowerSchool API was a huge success and the smoothest rollout I’ve ever had for an API. Everything from start to finish was effortless, because they took care of us. The customer service is impeccable, attributing to the fact that PowerSchool has been the easiest team I’ve ever worked with,” says Harrison.

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