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Case Study Feb, 2018

How DeSoto County Schools Saves Over $260,000 with Online Registration

See how the largest school district in Mississippi improved its student data quality and saved six figures with PowerSchool Registration.

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new london
July, 2017

PowerTeacher Pro Saves Time and Improves Instruction at New London Community School District

With PowerTeacher Pro, students at New London Community School District are receiving an improved K-12 education experience while teachers are empowered with innovative educational technology tools to enhance their standards-based grading efforts.

March, 2017

Valley Christian Jr. High Improves Parent Engagement, Student Accountability

“PowerSchool really helps keep parents calm. They know what’s happening on a regular schedule and they are no longer dependent on the word of their child,” says Arnett, Jr. High Principal at Valley Christian Schools.

December, 2016

Special Education – York Regional District School Board

“I believe that this tool truly will make a difference for all in doing the best we can to ensure our students reach their full potential,” says Ziraldo. “This has changed how special education is being managed in the York region. We have a secure application for all YRSBD staff and we are fostering collaboration through a team approach to support students with special education needs,” says Elgie. “This is groundbreaking work.”

September, 2016

Learning – Massapequa School District in New York

The Massapequa School District (NY) wanted one place for teachers, students, administrators, and parents to communicate, collaborate, and create. Four years ago, they chose PowerSchool Learning. Today they have an 85% usage rate; quick access to 21st  century tools; and streamlined communication and collaboration district-wide leveraging the Google Apps integration.

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March, 2017

Special Education System Improves Student Outcomes in Detroit

PowerSchool software has helped the district close communication gaps, complete compliance processes easily, and save large amounts of time and work.

Parkland School District PowerSchool's Integrated Solution
March, 2017

SIS – Parkland School District Drives Student Success with Data-Driven Decision-Making

Parkland leveraged PowerSchool’s solutions for managing their student information and financial and human resource data and processes.

Port Arthur ISD Continues to Use eSchoolPLUS Student Information Management Software
March, 2017

SIS – Continued Partnership for the Changing Education Landscape

As Texas state regulations change and technology advances, Port Arthur ISD continues to work with PowerSchool on new ways to use eSchoolPLUS.

Arkansas Department of Education Uses eSchoolPLUS for Student Information Management System
January, 2017

SIS – The Arkansas Department of Education ADE Data Center Illuminates Opportunities for Student Achievement

Almost all Arkansas school districts are supported by PowerSchool’s student information and financial/human resources systems.

eSchoolPlus student information system at Katy ISD
January, 2017

SIS – Katy ISD Employs Best Practices in Selecting, Implementing SIS

Using a proven process, Katy Independent School District (ISD) successfully selected and implemented a software system for managing student data and supporting student achievement.

December, 2016

Assessment: Garland Quarles Elementary

Garland Quarles Elementary increased 3rd grade reading achievement by 14% in 9 weeks using PowerSchool Assessment despite having 40% ELL students.

Antelope Valley USD drives student growth, parent engagement, & reporting with PowerSchool Student Information System
November, 2016

SIS & Reg – Antelope Valley Unified School District

With single sign-on and one central, easy-to-use student information system serving as its home for data storage and management, Antelope Valley UHSD is providing an ideal environment for students to learn and develop skills with advanced tools, helping set them up for success in a technological, information-based society.

Fullerton USD drives parent engagement with PowerSchool App
September, 2016

SIS & Mobile – Fullerton USD in California

PowerSchool is helping California’s Fullerton School District — a national leader in technology and innovation — maintain transparency with its community, parents, students and staff by making data available in an easy-to-use format. PowerSchool also offers Fullerton superior performance with state reporting, integration, and responsiveness to the district’s needs.

September, 2016

Assessment – Jane H. Bryan Elementary, VA

Only 30 percent of students passed the 2012 spring mathematics state assessment at Jane H. Bryan Elementary School (Bryan), located in Hampton, Virginia. In 2013, to provide high-quality, timely, and accurate formative assessment data to administrators and classroom teachers, Bryan began using PowerSchool Assessment. PowerSchool Assessment is a web-based instructional improvement system (IIS) that delivers […]

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