Why PowerSchool?

The Trusted Market Leader

PowerSchool is proven, reliable and supports more than 13 million students in the US, Canada and 70 countries with 99% customer retention.

Open and Easily Customizable

Open architecture design and unparalleled customization allows districts to easily extend SIS capabilities to include independent software vendor (ISV) applications.

Robust Compliance Reporting

PowerSchool supports more reports than any other student information system, to ensure you receive your maximum funding. We have the largest team in the industry dedicated to this important function.

Impeccable Data Security

Data security is our number one priority. We are compliant with HIPAA and FERPA and use a number of security protocols to ensure your data is 100% secure in PowerSchool.


Implemented globally by thousands of districts, PowerSchool seamlessly manages the day-to-day operations for student data management in any size school or district.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

Clean, intuitive interface. Powerful tools and resources to help administrators and teachers manage grades, students and classrooms.

Largest Online Community

Whether it’s support forums, tips and training, user groups, or customization, PowerSchool has the largest, most engaged online community in K12.

Outstanding Mobility

PowerSchool has the best mobile apps! Record student scores, attendance, and review student progress from any mobile device. Parents and Students also have easy access to important student data.

Hosted Solution

PowerSchool Hosting Service allows districts to save money, reduce risk, and foster an effective and efficient technology environment.

Easy-to-Use Administrator Tools

PowerSchool provides the full range of features needed by administrators at the district and school level.

Student and staff demographics

Powerful, interactive scheduling tools

Real-time data access and updates

Standards-based grading and reporting

Attendance management, tracking and notification

Robust reporting tools

Discipline management and reporting

School, course, and student fees management

Family management

Access via mobile devices

Parent/guardian information

NEW Special Education module

Multi-language translator included

Administrator dashboard

Enhanced customization capabilities

Push-button state reporting

Walk-in scheduling

Address management – powered by Google™ maps

Emergency/Medical and Health management

Co-teaching management

Faculty management

NEW PowerSchool Registration module

Robust API capabilities for easy and secure integration with 3rd party vendors

Powerful Teacher Tools and Resources

PowerSchool includes a powerful gradebook and teacher tools that provides all the features teachers need in one place, making it easy-to-use and learn. All classes, rosters, student demographic information, grading periods, standards, rubrics and grades scales are automatically loaded into the gradebook. All data flows back to the central database in real time, providing all stakeholders, including parents and students, with instant visibility to assignments, scores, grades, comments and progress toward each standard.

Fast, easy attendance recording

Automatic grade/standard calculation

Schedules and student rosters automatically loaded and updated

Link assignments to content for parents and students

Supports co-teaching

Supports district, state and Common Core Standards

Email parents/guardians and students

Create intervention groups and project teams and create "what-if" grade calculations

Track each student's progress toward standards

Easy access from mobile devices

Substitute teacher login and attendance recording

Standards grades rollup, aggregate scores and teacher comments

Teacher recommendation management

Submit student lunch counts to office electronically

Print reports and export data

Ken O'Connor The Grade Doctor

Ken O'Connor is an independent consultant who specializes in issues related to the communication of student achievement, especially grading and reporting. Through books and articles, presentations and working with small groups, Ken helps individuals, schools and school districts to improve communication about student achievement. Ken's eight guidelines for grading have been refined and developed throughout the years and organized into "15 Fixes for Broken Grades". PowerSchool is proud to have implemented Ken's philosophies into the development our gradebook. Click here to visit Visit Ken's website.

Real-Time Student Data for Parents and Students

PowerSchool Parents and Students have access to real-time information on grades, attendance, comments, assignments and scores directly from the teacher's gradebook via the PowerSchool web portal and free PowerSchool Mobile app. Parents may monitor their child’s proficiency on standards and register to receive immediate alerts specific to their child. In addition, schools can offer the Parent and Student web portal in 19 languages.

Access from any mobile device

Access student homework assignments

Real-time grades and attendance

Teacher comments

Single account for all children

Daily bulletin board

Course syllabus

Integrated family calendar

Fee transactions and balance

Automatic email messaging

Online course request

Instant push notifications for attendance or grade changes