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Today we can deposit checks and manage finances from our cell phones, text our friends while on the bus on our way to school, get instant stock alerts, find out the latest celebrity gossip... shouldn't we have something similar for school?

Since 1997 parents and students have been using PowerSchool to answer some of the most pressing questions in K12 education:

  • Did my child make it to class on time this morning?
  • What's tonight's homework?
  • What was my score on yesterday's quiz?
  • What's my current grade for Algebra?
  • Do I need to send lunch money to school today?
  • What is for lunch anyway?

PowerSchool provides parents and students with real-time information on grades, attendance, homework, scores, teacher comments, school bulletins and much more. Today, more than 9 million students in all 50 states and 55 countries use PowerSchool. Isn't it time your school got PowerSchool?

Do You PowerSchool?

We'd like to hear from you! Send us a note to and tell us your PowerSchool story. How has PowerSchool helped you as a parent or student? What was life like before PowerSchool? Can you imagine life without it? Tell us a story worth sharing and we'll feature you on Facebook or our company blog!

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"What's the best part of PowerSchool? I get to come home from school every day and check my grades!"

- Zharia White
7th Grader,
Ron Clark Academy

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