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A day in the life of a PowerSchool user

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In education, we all play a role in impacting a student’s life. Without an efficiently run office, chaos would ensue, virtually affecting vital processes that keep a school/district running. Learn how Tami, an administrative assistant at a North Dakota School, manages daily tasks with PowerSchool to drive greater efficiency at her school.

As the Administrative Assistant at a small school, I wear many hats through communicating with students, parents and staff. My job duties consist of managing attendance, accounting for the lunch program, and submitting the reports to DPI. I submit faxes for staff and community members and have had training through Minnesota Community College to dispense medications to our students who are on prescribed medications. Bookkeeping is an essential part of my job as well. The lunch and student funds run through the office. Setting up cash boxes for extracurricular games, printing programs, counting the cash boxes, setting them up for the next game, and taking the deposits to the bank are all part of my role at our school.

I am responsible for managing the inventory of the classrooms. I developed multiple spreadsheets for this task due to migration to a new server system and transfer of files not transpiring. I have built and maintained a spreadsheet for our book inventory as there previously wasn’t anything on file for this. Part of my job is receipting the lunch and activity money. Lunch money is entered into the students and staff account and then deposited into the bank. The activity money that comes from tickets sold is also receipted and taken to the bank. I manage the annual task of setting up Registration Day. All of the paperwork is updated and compiled into packages for our existing families and blank packets set up for new families.

PowerSchool and PowerLunch are the biggest tools I use on a daily basis to help me efficiently do my job. With PowerSchool, I enter the new students, update existing students, enter the immunization records, and enter when a student is gone for the day. PowerLunch is used on a daily basis here as students and staff enter their account numbers for each meal. We print off a meal count report and enter the Ala Carte meals into our system. Our school pays for the Ala Carte meals so record keeping is vital. PowerLunch is also used for DPI reporting, cash reports, and milk counts. I am also responsible for all of the correspondence between our ITV teachers and students. Communication is essential in this as the teachers are not in our school system. Therefore, they either fax or email the assignments to me. I get this information to the students and return the finished product to the teacher, usually via email due to the fact that if I scan it- they receive a color copy of the work.

I order teacher supplies for the year as their requisitions come in the spring and either fax, email, or scan them to the various vendors. I check for accuracy upon arrival and compile all of the completed paperwork to submit to the Business Manager. Keeping the office stocked with supplies such as copy paper, construction paper, pens, pencils, staplers, and more helps to ensure that school staff have what they need. Last but not least, the most enjoyable part of my day is the students! After all, that is what we are all here for! Using PowerSchool is a huge part of my day-to-day tasks and it helps make my job easier to do!