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PowerSchool Releases Mobile App for the Apple Watch

By: PowerSchool Team | | 4 Comments | | powerschool, mobile

We are excited to announce that the PowerSchool Mobile app is now available for the Apple Watch. PowerSchool, the Student Information System (SIS) market leader with over 13 million students, continues a track record of innovation by becoming the first SIS to deliver an App developed for the Apple Watch. PowerSchool delivers best-in-class user experiences, with mobile applications that provide more than seven million PowerSchool mobile users with real-time access to attendance, grades, assignments and GPA. By allowing parents and students to access PowerSchool on mobile devices, PowerSchool enables better communication and collaboration between parents, students and teachers, helping to ensure successful learning outcomes for students.

PowerSchool parents and students currently have access to PowerSchool’s student data via desktop and mobile devices. This latest offering provides real-time access to critical information on the Apple Watch, allowing parents and students to use the latest mobile technology to keep informed of school activities and academic progress. Push notifications help parents using PowerSchool mobile apps (on their phone or watch) stay up-to-date on class attendance, assignments, school and classroom activities, and their child’s academic progress. Using the combination of the Apple Watch features and PowerSchool’s reliable functionality, the PowerSchool Mobile app delivers a premium user experience on the most contemporary technology device available.

The PowerSchool Mobile Watch App is available for free to parents and students as an extension of the PowerSchool Mobile App in the Apple App Store. Learn more about PowerSchool Mobile here.