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We're Still Here!

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And stronger than ever...

We are excited to update you on what is happening with PowerSchool!

First of all, we have not been purchased by anyone (yet). As per our previous communications, Pearson is exploring the divestiture of the SIS business. In a very strategic process, Pearson and the PowerSchool team is looking at the very best options for taking the SIS business into the future. In the meantime, we are growing, adding new customers, developing exciting new features and expanding PowerSchool functionality, and still serving more than 40 million users, every day!

More than 400 PowerSchool team members are focused on developing and supporting the leading SIS in the K12 market. We continue to focus on what matters most to you and your schools: student data privacy, accurate reporting, effective and easy-to-use teacher tools, and innovative API technologies to enable the integration of PowerSchool with more than 140 school and classroom solutions.

Security, Security, Security! - Student data privacy is critical and foremost in our development and support processes. Our development team uses cutting-edge processes and technologies to provide a collaborative infrastructure that securely manages student data, such as:

  • All new designs have security requirements
  • We utilize White Hat to continually test the product
  • PowerSchool has layers of security - page level security, field level security, User Groups and Roles, and we enforce these for third-party API access as well as allow those to be applied to customizations. This provides fine-grain control over security and data privacy.

Shhh… Developers are hard at work on an amazing Back-to-School release! New PowerSchool features and enhancements that improve productivity and efficiency: API enhancements, Data Dashboards, Improved Standards Management, a new Registration module, and much more... coming soon, June 2015.

PowerSchool has the best mobile apps - For April 2015, we averaged 974,185 logins PER DAY in our Mobile apps - that's 29,255,521 logins in 30 days. Whew! That’s a lot of teachers, parents, administrators and students using PowerSchool every day.

Want to Know More About the Future of PowerSchool?

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