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Customer Cases Escalated to Development Can Now Be Tracked on PowerSource

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Our customers have requested an easier way to track support cases, and PowerSchool has answered the call. We are proud to announce that we have taken major steps to better communicate with customers – by providing easy, anytime access to track the current status of cases escalated from the PowerSchool Support Team to the Development Team. Customers can now easily check case status at their convenience online on PowerSource, our community-focused customer support portal.

Customers no longer need to contact Support to retrieve detailed information on the status of cases escalated to Development.

PowerSchool genuinely cares about continually improving our customer service, and we are proud to offer this enhancement to the overall customer experience. We know that quality, timely communication is key to our customers’ effective use of the student information system, and, ultimately, the successful management of districts’ student data.

The Development Status information on PowerSource provides customers with the following information:

  • Current status of the customer issue within the PowerSchool Group Development Department
  • Classification provides information on whether the issue has been identified as a bug or not
  • Targeted Release provides the scheduled PowerSchool release version in which the development updates will correct the defect, if applicable
  • Resolution provides information on how the PowerSchool Development Department has corrected the issue

In order to retrieve case status, customers can visit PowerSource at https://support.powerschool.com and click on "My Cases" from the home page. Case detail is available by selecting the case you would like to review. When the case has been routed to the PowerSchool Development team, Development Status will appear below the Case Information field.

PowerSource is a community-focused customer support portal for all PowerSchool products. PowerSource is available to all district and school staff, including teachers, administrators and IT staff.