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A perfect match: The world’s leading SIS is working with the #1 managed cloud service provider

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PowerSchool continues to deliver superior products and services to improve the K-12 education experience. We believe our customers’ success depends on safe data and premium system performance. We are excited to announce that Rackspace, the #1 managed cloud service provider, has been chosen for PowerSchool's secure hosting solution. What this means is that for our more than 2,600 hosted customers, we are providing an even more differentiated and highly available secure cloud solution.

This also marks a unique relationship: the world’s most widely used and reliable student information system is now working with the #1 managed cloud company to offer a best-in-class cloud solution to PowerSchool customers. It’s a win-win for our customers and a big reason why more schools and districts choose PowerSchool over any other SIS. We are relentless in our pursuit of developing and utilizing cutting edge technologies to continue improving our products and services.

PowerSchool can now deliver ultra-high bandwidth, robust failover capabilities, data encryption, storage performance and systems monitoring that meets the needs of large and small school districts in the US and internationally.

The choice of Rackspace followed two months of intensive research and diligence for a best-in-class provider that is committed to working with PowerSchool to dramatically improve and expand PowerSchool SaaS in 2016 and beyond. We are actively building the new data center with Rackspace, and will have more information on the timeline by late November.

Rackspace has proven, unrivaled experience in planning, deploying, and managing server, storage, and network configurations. Rackspace has built its global infrastructure to deliver top speeds, while providing industry-leading service level agreements, including: 100% network uptime guarantee (excluding planned or emergency maintenance); HVAC and power functioning 100% of the time in a given month; and ensuring hardware components function correctly. Rackspace has highly trained specialists that run the infrastructure, which uses the latest technologies and resides in enterprise-grade data centers positioned across the globe.

Five key improvements to the new PowerSchool SaaS environment include:

  • Increased Bandwidth. Provide a redundant, bonded 10Gbps network connection which is 5x greater than the current network connection.
  • Increased Failover Capabilities. Utilize virtualized application servers within a high availability virtual environment. This will provide enhanced server availability by migrating the virtual application servers to another physical host in the event a physical host becomes unresponsive or unavailable.
  • Increased Data Encryption. Utilize the latest technologies to encrypt ALL PowerSchool Data at Rest utilizing XTS-AES 256-bit data-at-rest encryption across the entire storage array.
  • Increased Storage Performance. Utilize a new fault tolerant EMC VMAX enterprise data storage array with twice the amount of storage capacity and 4x more bandwidth to PowerSchool servers.
  • Increased Systems Monitoring. Utilize a new enterprise-grade solution for infrastructure and systems monitoring capable of processing thousands of metrics per second and provide 24x7 real-time alerts.

At PowerSchool, we have long been recognized for our secure, reliable management of student data and ease-of-use for teachers, parents and students. Significant investment in the PowerSchool SIS and a commitment to developing cutting edge technologies such as Ed-Fi and Application Programming Interface (API) tools, as well as the investment in data security through the Rackspace services, make PowerSchool the leading Cloud SIS in K-12 education.