Empowering Teachers and Improving Student Growth

Created by educators, PowerSchool Assessment assists teachers and administrators in making data-driven curriculum decisions in an effort to raise student achievement. The analysis and application of formative assessment data as part of a continuous improvement model is a powerful way to improve student achievement. Make data timely and accessible for your students, teachers, and administrators through a platform that is easy-to-use, well supported, and highly adopted.

Over 1.6 million students engaged

Over 2.9 million assessments delivered

Over 51 million test sessions completed

Over 1 BILLION questions answered

Benefiting Students, Teachers, and Administrators

Empower students to track their performance and achievements using data and reporting

Help students celebrate their accomplishments when they reach one of their learning goals

Give teachers tools to truly understand how their students and classes are learning and progressing. Empower teachers with insights to adjust how they support their students

Understand the state of affairs quickly and simply with clear data illustration and easy reporting so teachers spend less time manipulating data and more time improving instruction.

Great schools help their teachers to grow too. Set goals for teachers, and give them tools to track their progress with the touch of a button

Be a better manager by understanding what is actually going on at your school and district. Data visualization helps to identify strengths and weaknesses

Identify trends, discover areas of weakness, and understand growth areas so you can better plan and allocate resources, helping you to improve education and achievement

Create, Copy, Collaborate, Control

PowerSchool Assessment empowers teachers and administrators to build their own formative assessments utilizing a huge bank of standards-aligned items, or by using pre-built assessments. Educators can distribute district-wide assessments, or collaborate across classes and schools to create assessments for the district. Permissions within the software enable the right people to have the right access, helping districts to understand and build student performance.